Friday, June 1, 2012

cha cha cha changes!

last night was a breakthrough night for me.  well...for our whole household.

yesterday day i decided it was time to move the baby in with his big brother.

i had toyed with the idea for over a month but fear and comfort, laziness and nostalgia kept his little pack-n-play firmly planted next to our bed.  he spent most nights in our bed anyway so i convinced myself that moving his bed would make no difference...

then, yesterday i just decided to surprise my husband with the blessing of a private room...

'little man'...when he was REALLY little

i fed the baby, prayed over him and we laid him down in his 'the boys room'...i almost cried.

he woke and cried for a minute around one o'clock but i prayerfully left him alone...i kept telling myself 'if he wakes up again...i will get him and bring him in with me.  except he didn't wake up again till 7 am.  usually he was waking at 1, 3, 5 and 7...

i had forgotten what a full night's sleep felt like.  i feel human again...i have a happy extremely happy husband...and even big brother is excited to have a roommate.
all my fears, comforts, laziness, and nostalgia seem completely crazy the light of how good this change was for all of us. 

do you have a big change looming in your near future?  maybe it is a change that God has been preparing you for since...forever.  maybe you're holding back for some reason...

battling fear?
too comfortable?

a little lazy?
nostalgic for the way things were?

                    STOP IT!  MAKE THE CHANGE ALREADY!!!

you may find that you will be blessed beyond your expectations...


  1. I love this...the end sounds like something you would say to me :) So glad that you all slept so well and hope that it continues to be great!

  2. Change is hard, but when we actually do make a change and see the benefits like you did, we wonder why we hadn't thought of it sooner. Change brings growth a lot of times I do believe, increases our faith too if we let it :)


  3. Thank you for commenting on my blog. You may actually be interested in a blog my sister writes on. She had twins in October that were eight weeks premature. You can see her writings here: Her name is Jessica.

    Glad to hear you are raising children with God leading. There is no better way.


  4. thanks so much! i will definately look her up - we mommies need to stick together.

  5. I do not like change. But with God's help, a change transition can be easier. Thank you for sharing. Blessings.


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