Saturday, June 16, 2012



it's a common theme...i'll just hit the main point.  masks are not good.  when we wear masks we are not being true to ourselves...our view is distorted and when people see us they see the mask in stead of the person underneath.

...but sometimes wearing a mask keeps us safe.  they can keep us from drowning and give us fresh air when we are in a bad environment. 

facebook is one place where everyone wears a mask.  it is necessary for survival.

a friend of mine has triplets and posts pictures often.  i commented on how amazing she is because has lost a ton of weight and has a clean house and her kids are so stinking cute.  her reply?  'nobody posts the crappy pictures.'

so true.  i don't have pictures up on facebook of my kids fighting, pee puddles on my new floor, me losing my temper (or pigging out from stress).

so sometimes wearing a mask is not that bad...just as long as we don't forget that it's not's a distorted 'this is what i wish my life were like'...

it would be depressing if i started comparing myself to my friends facebook pages.  and i know i have spent agonizing hours trying to find a profile picture that makes me look 10 lbs thinner.

...may you peel off your mask when you are in open air...and see thru the masks of others to their reality...

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  1. Our pastor just finished a series of sermons a few weeks back called Masquerade, it was about this exact theme, taking off our masks; so many of us wear them when we are all basically walking wounded, yet we put on our masks to look so much more better, yet hurting deeply inside. I think it is so common to put on the masks, but I hope to start taking some of my masks off sooner than later :)



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