Wednesday, June 27, 2012


so...i re-joined mops steering team for the coming year...

...the theme is plunge...

...and right away i started to get overwhelmed as did the newer members...

...that's when this dropped into my spirit...

the water's only as deep as i want it to be...'s super deep.  God's plan for me is waaaaay over my head.  deeper and more powerful than anything i can imagine.  but it doesn't start out that way.
first i can walk on the dry sand...then the wet sand...then put my toes in the water. 
eventually i may get in so deep as my knees.  but that's when it gets hard. 

the surf is strong...much stronger than it looks
and it is scary as i watch people
get smashed to the sand all around me - 
people that are focusing on the surf...and losing their footing...

and then i get in about neck deep and a weird thing happens...
instead of struggling against the carries me.
that is a super cool feeling.

Father God wants me to get in over my head so He can show up and lift me above the currant.

but i don't have to dive in right away...i can step in a little at a time.

and the water is only as deep as i want it to be.

may you step in to the water that God is calling you to
and not be overwhelmed by the depth.

...the water is only as deep as you want it to be...


  1. I'll have to remember that because I tend to sink in too deep of water; I need to remember I can have a bit of control with how deep things get


  2. A great message and an awesome photo! Blessings to you dear.


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