Saturday, June 9, 2012

gas...just let it out!

if you are easily offended by
 the crassness of natural processes...
either skip this post or get over it.

i have the gassiest baby on the planet.  he'll be laying next to me on the couch or playing on the floor and then he will screw up his face, grunt and let it rip. it makes me giggle like a middle schooler.  sometimes he sounds like a grown man!

when i was in college i would hang out with a great group of people.  we would eat a bunch of food that was bad for you and then hang out until dawn...and i would always end up with gas...i would hold it in until i was shaking because it hurt so bad.

sometimes we do that with our frustrations.  we get angry...people annoy us.  just simple misunderstandings linger under the surface bubbling away... 

the thing is.  these emotions, locked away in our hearts will make us sick.  so go ahead and let it out.

now...i'm not saying you should unleash your anger on innocent bystanders.  and it's really not pleasant to fart at the dinner table...but there are appropriate 'clear the air'.  (pun totally intended)

find those safe places and let it allllll out.  you will feel so much better and you will be so much healthier.

i can just imagine Father God giggling as His child releases that which could hurt her in a healthy and natural way.


  1. Thanks for the chuckles...I remember when God gave this to you. I guess the challenge that I find, is finding those safe places to let it all out...Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  2. I let a lot of it out in my blog in a somewhat kind way (I have a separate blog under a different screen name that hardly anyone knows about) or in my prayer journal to God, since he knows what is in my heart already. But you are right, it is good to get it out rather than hold it in. Speaking of gas, it is too funny when our dog lets out a little gas with noise and then looks at us like "what caused that noise?" Too funny!

    have a great Sunday! I bet you are resting up after VBS!



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