Friday, June 29, 2012


 i just reconnected with a guy i knew in elementary school.

after a brief introduction i realized he had no clue who i was.  and some ways into the conversation finally he said 'sorry...i don't remember you.  maybe you have me confused with someone else.'  so i went thru a list of our classmates.  he rememberd them all...but not me.  i went thru a list of teachers we had in common.  he relayed stories about them and projects...but he still didn't remember me. 

then i said 'well, i was always the smallest in the class and i remember you being taller so maybe we weren't near eachother in class very often.'

instantly he rememberd who i was.  'yeah!  you were the really small girl!'

sigh.  yes...i was the really small girl.

topping out at 5ft...i still am the small girl...well...short pregnancy weight sort of eliminates the 'small' title.

i want to be so much like Jesus that people will remember me by His characteristics.

i hope people will say 'oh're the girl that stood up for what was right and had compassion on the people that didn't deserve it.  you're the one that was joyful in the face of trials and spoke the truth in love.' ...'and you were really small'...

how do you want to be remembered?


  1. For being merciful instead of judgmental, loving instead full of hatred or indifference, joyful instead of mopey, forgiving instead of bitter and critical, honest instead of deceitful, faithful instead of fearful...okay, I could keep going but you get the point :) I want to be like Jesus!

  2. I want to be remembered as the woman who found what she is looking for in God.

  3. as someone who loved Jesus and tried to be like HIm.

  4. As one that loved Jesus and put him first and others second before myself. Too cute with your friend from elementary school not remembering you. I recently reconnected with a friend on FB, my best friend in fact from 8th grade through high school. Of course I remember her but she keeps telling me things we did and I'm like "I don't remember that" but yet it makes sense that we would have done that.

    hope you had a nice day!



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