Sunday, June 17, 2012

get out your ladder...

this piece really inspired me.  i regret to say i have no clue who painted i can't give them the credit they deserve.

my title: 'the only way to eat an elephant' reminds me that even though life and all of it's parts seem huge...and extremely overwhelming.  i can function without stress if i take it one 'bite' at a time. my elephant symbolizes the things in my life that are bigger than i am.  which is just about everything.  i could be completely paralyzed by the prospects of all i have to do and all i have to be...or i can climb on up.

these life elephants are a great vantage point from which to witness the beauty of all God is doing in and around us.

may you get out your ladder today...

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  1. I like that thought of climbing on top; I too could be paralyzed by fear; I need to take days sometimes in smaller chunks, like bites, rather than trying to tackle it all at once. I think I might need to get out a pretty long ladder some days :)

    I hope you and yours had a nice day today!



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