Tuesday, June 12, 2012

accident free!

today has been a glorious accident free day!  we even went to the mall...i brought along 12 extra changes of undies...but didn't need any of them.  what a relief!

i realize though...this is just one day...a very good day...but just one day.  these sweet kiddos of mine are not masters of using the potty...at least not yet.

as a matter of fact...if the circumstances were set up in a certain way...i could even have an accident.  and i've been potty trained for a loooong time.

we make mistakes...we have good days and bad days.

i'm so thankful for God's grace when i make mistakes...when i struggle with the same old thing...when i take forever to master something...


  1. I too, am thankful that God's grace allows me take awhile to master somethings...I tend to make some messes sometimes too :)

  2. Me too with being thankful with God's grace! I think you have a great attitude with the potty training too; they will eventually get it; its like my pediatrician's nurse said when my son was a late one for wanting to be trained; she said you never see a kid in diapers in kindergarten (unless of course special needs). She said "just relax and it will happen when he's ready". Sure enough when he was ready he did it in a day!


  3. This post made me smile! We all seem to need a refresher course in our potty training at times. Blessings to you dear one. Thank you.


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