Tuesday, June 26, 2012

new siblings

my kids love their baby brother.

they want to hold him, feed him, kiss him, play with him, read to him...sometimes they even fight over him.

wouldn't it be awesome if we were like that with our new siblings in the faith? 

when someone makes the decision to make God their Father, we could encourage them, share with them, pray with them, guide them...

...maybe not fight over them though...


  1. so cute (and boy do you have your hands full!)

    I so agree; I think we need to mentor those new to the faith and help them to grow in it indeed


  2. I think that discipling/mentoring is vital! The problem is time...another example of how our busy lifestyles may be effecting the kingdom of God. I definitely should "fuss" more over the new births in our family.


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