Saturday, June 23, 2012


i was so proud of my son today. 

we were in a parade and he threw candy from the stroller.  when we reached the end, we doubled around and watched the rest of the floats and trucks go by.  the little girl next to us reached into her candy bag and gave my son a few tootsie rolls.  he was completely thrilled. 

on the way home we passed some 13 year olds with garbage bags full of candy...they were cheering and showing their spoils...he said 'hey, look at this' and tried to show them his fist full of candy.

part of me expected him to be jealous or disappointed but he was happy with his few pieces of candy...and so so so grateful.

...i think i need to be more like that. 

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  1. How sweet your son is; the first thing that came to mind was the scripture from Hebrews 13:5 to be content with what we had; he indeed was content with his fistful of candy :)

    and so neat that he was able to share the candy too and not "hoard" it as "mine".

    I had not ever seen candy thrown out in parades until we lived in Montana and we went to a parade when the kids were younger and saw candy tossed. Its a neat thing to do!

    have a great Sunday!



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