Tuesday, June 26, 2012

little 'helpers'

my girls are doing really well with the potty training...but i am tired of cleaning pee up off the floor. 
no, they aren't having accidents. 

they are 'being mommy's little helpers' and dumping the potties 'into' the toilet...(more like 'next to')...

i wouldn't mind them doing it...i understand that they are trying to be like me...trying to help me...but it makes such a mess.

aaaaaaand once again Father God chimes in with His dollar fifty...(because the Creator of the universe deserves more than 2 cents).

i do a lot of 'helping' God...

my motives are good but i am doing things to make things happen, to get things moving...do i think He doesn't know how do it on His own?

i don't know.  but i try to help out...

and i make a mess.

God patiently cleans up the mess...and says, 'daughter, this is Daddy's job.  please, let me do my job. i see your heart motives are pure...but please, don't try to help anymore.'


  1. I've been guilty of creating more than a few messes for the Lord to clean up; I'm so glad he's patient about it though. I'm trying to not be so eager to clean up something and wait for him and his timing indeed :)

    glad to hear potty training is going well though!!


  2. Oh, so true! I have made more messes than I like to admit to. Trying to wait on Him is a challenge, but I keep trying.

  3. Thank the good Lord that He does understand our messes. Blessings.


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