Tuesday, June 5, 2012


before i had kids i was pretty good at yoga...well...not this good...

but pretty good...

i used to be able to stand on one foot forever...i had great balance.


sometimes that word drives me nuts.  i will be all passionate about something and some wise person with a level head,  fiscal responsibility and expectations based on reality will come and 'balance' my plans.

of course...i married one of those wise people.

it makes things difficult when your husband won't 'allow' you to burn yourself out.

i love the guy...

anyway.  before he came along i had to figure things out the hard way.
in high school i dedicated all of my time and energy to musicals and plays...never really excelled in anything else...never really tried anything else.  (especially not english...hence the choppy writing style...sorry.)
in college i dedicated myself heart and soul to my ministry.  it was awesome.  God did some great things...and had to totally provide for me because i certainly didn't have room on my list of priorities for a paying job.  (thankfully, God is faithful to His word and did provide for all of my needs.)

now i'm a real adult.  
i have too many things that are too important to let slip to the bottom of my priority list.
Jesus...my first love
my husband and marriage (they are separate entities sometimes believe it or not)
each of my kids as individuals and my children as a whole
close friends
investing into anyone God brings my way
my own health and well being
extended family
church commitments (vbs, and Christmas musical are the two biggies)
serving my community

what's tough is that sometimes (like vbs week, for instance) things get out of balance.  they have to...there is only so much of me to go around.
my husband feels neglected in fact (this is embarrassing) facebook just reminded me that my anniversary is coming up...my close friend went thru a really traumatic event and i was unavailable for consultation...my mom is out of town and i haven't talked to her since she left...i'm not sure if i ate breakfast at all this week and i certainly haven't had the chance to exercise...

but kids are learning about Jesus. 

i know that i am doing what God wants me to do...and i just have to trust that He will take care of those things that i am not able to take care of...until i am back into balance...


  1. Balance...that word makes me feel slightly dizzy...lol. Everytime I think I have it figured out, something spins out of control. I don't know if I can stop the spinning around me, but I don't have to spin. I can stay fixed on Jesus. I just want to sometimes chase the things that whiz by me...oh well, I am glad God is so patient with me and really holds this spinning top of mine in His hands.

  2. hmmm...and somehow...the faster a top spins...the better it stands...

  3. Now that's a great thought about that spinning top!

  4. You got your priorities right as you listed them; in saying that there are always those short term typs of commitments that put things out of balance for a bit, but as long as you don't lose the big focus, Jesus, and making him known like you are, I think these occasional times of off balance are okay and work themselves out over time. Now if your whole life constantly had you neglecting your husband or time with Jesus, then that is a problem I do think and once has to re-balance themselves.



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