Saturday, June 30, 2012

can they even hear me?

with 4 kids under 3...i repeat myself a lot.

usually by the end of the day i end up asking myself, 'can they even hear me?'

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i also teach a class of 11-13 year old girls...they are awesome...but almost teenagers...and i end up asking myself... 'can they even hear me?'

then i write this...and i wonder...
 'can they even hear me?'

i so badly want to make an impact...but i am just small and imperfect.  not even claiming righteousness...only love for Jesus...

am i wasting my breath trying to tell people about the freedom that God wants for them...and even if i am...if no one can hear me...does it matter?  or is my obedience enough to make an impact of its own?


  1. I think we all wonder that, if we are being heard and we all want to be an impact. You are teaching 11-13 year old girls; that is a tough age! I bet you are making an impact, the thing is you might not see that impact for years down the road and here's another thing, you may never see that impact either. And you are raising four children (oh my, that just gets me tired thinking about it :) that is an impact too, but you won't see that for awhile (but you'll see the dirty diapers and the messy house, but that's temporary). The impact you are making is eternal, so you might not see it this side of eternity.

    Keep being in obedience and keep doing what you are doing and its like I read in Nehemiah this week

    Nehemiah 5:19 Remember me with favor O my God for all I have done for these people.

    I think God is remembering you with favor, you may just not see that, like I said, this side of eternity.

    but keep pressing on!!!

    victorious in Jesus!


  2. I know you are making an impact in my daughter's life but even if that wasn't the case we all just move forward in faith trusting that our lives will count for Him. Glad that we can partake in His favor!

  3. What you said at the end, obedience! You obey, God will open ears, and they will hear you. It's a beautiful three-part braid.


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