Sunday, July 1, 2012


my kids love to sing 'Jesus loves me' and they believe every word of it...
when my girls wear a dress they spin and twirl because they know they are beautiful...
my son knows that he is strong enough to slay any dragon and that God is even bigger...

they are children.  they have incredible faith.  they are immature.  i love it.
they don't doubt or even question why Jesus loves them.

we used to be like that...then we grew up.

we became 'mature' and started to say 'Jesus loves you' to other people...but started to doubt 'Jesus loves me'.  after all, we know all the thoughts and words and actions that are a part of our lives...there is no way Jesus could love me with all my garbage...
we started to doubt our beauty and to carry ourselves differently when we wear just wouldn't be dignified to spin and twirl.
we start to look at the dragons around us and to build walls to protect ourselves because we certainly aren't strong enough to handle them and we aren't really sure if God is big enough either...and even if He is big enough...He might be too busy.

Mark 10
...unless you accept God's kingdom in the simplicity of a child, you'll never get in...


so...i choose to be immature.
i will dance in the rain singing
Jesus loves me...and believe every word.
i will twirl and spin when i wear dresses
because i know that i am beautiful.
and i will believe that my creator
made me to be strong and even when i am weak my
rescuer is strong enough to slay these dragons.

how 'bout you?


  1. I think I'll join you with being immature, or having a heart of a child as I remember truly that Jesus does love (even) ME! great reminder!


  2. Jesus loves ME! This I KNOW! For the BIBLE tells me so!

    *smiling and twirling in my spirit*


  3. I know why Jesus says to have childlike faith. Thank you for sharing dear one.


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