Monday, July 30, 2012

nose sucker

all 4 of my kids have allergies.  and during certain seasons their noses run like crazy.  it is really gross.

that is when the nose sucker comes out. 

i was surprised when one of my girls started asking for it and standing calmly with her little nose in the air for me to take care of business.

i had to use it on the baby for the first time this week and he predictably kicked and screamed and howled and cried and fought it...just like all the other kids did.

...interesting.  will there come a day that i will calmly let God take care of business or will i always fight Him as He gets the ugly stuff out of my life?


  1. I have fought God to the point of exhaustion...I hope to just walk up to Him and hold my nose out...At least I hope that is the direction I am headed :)

  2. Oh yeah that would do it, alright. Blessings.


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