Tuesday, July 10, 2012

more is better?

my girls were helping to clean up a mess on the floor...

i was grateful for the help but they used waaay too many napkins.

we do that sometimes.

our lives are a mess because we live in the garbage world around us and it's screwed up...there's nothing we can do about that. if we don't cause our own messes than we are undoubtedly subjected to a mess that someone else has made.

so we get out napkins to clean it up. 
          self-help books
                    friendly advice
                              diet programs
                                        talk shows

and we end up with a big unnecessary pile of used napkins on the floor

...the whole mess could be cleaned up much more efficiently if we would just use Jesus.

He did all that He needed to do a long time ago.


  1. Great ending to a wonderful post. Blessings....

  2. I have to totally agree with you; I like what you listed that we clean up our messes with; I remember having trouble praying one time (did I mention this before here?) and thinking "I'll go and get a book on prayer" when I realized "I have to best book on prayer, the Bible". What I do wonder is how often God shakes his head when he sees the messes we make and the cleanup required if we just didn't stop and wait and trust in him and his timing.



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