Thursday, July 5, 2012

you can touch!

we went swimming today in an unfamiliar pool and i forgot the kids' life jackets (they are too skinny for floaties).

my 3 year old son wanted to swim so badly and i realized that the entire shallow end was less than 3 feet deep so i carried him out into the water and pried his white knucked fingers off of my arms and unknotted his legs from my waist.  i said, 'don't worry, you can touch.'

he looked at me like i had betrayed him and splashed around in a panic until he realized that he could touch the bottom.  then he had an amazing time in the big boy in his life jacket...

isn't it like that sometimes?  God pulls us into unfamiliar territory knowing something we don't know.  he says, 'don't worry, you can touch.' and then He gets kinda quiet (although He's there the whole time...just like i was right there if my son had trouble i would have grabbed him).  we get upset with God's silence and feel betrayed.  we splash around in a panic.  then we realize...we were made for this.  we can do it.  and God is right there to enjoy it with us.


  1. that water looks inviting :) Cool picture of your son! Great analogy again. God has never let me drown yet.........he is always there to grab me indeed :)



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