Thursday, July 12, 2012

zombie bride

ever since i was a little girl pastors talked about Christians being the 'bride of Christ'...

well i think the bride of Christ needs serious counseling!

searching for a picture for this post i couldn't find one that had the desired effect that wasn't too graphic for my kids to you'll have to imagine...or search for yourself.  give 'zombie bride' a try.

i was thinking as i was writing this of all the ways that we hurt each other intentionally thru gossip or unfair judgement and unintentionally thru insensitivity or simple ignorance...and how that must make Christ...the groom feel.  how it must break his heart to see his bride trip and fall because her feet can't agree on their destination and then purposely slice her own arm off because it wasn't exactly how she wanted it to be...

you know what is awesome though?  the groom has this habit...He brings the dead back to life and makes the blind see.  so He looks at His zombie bride and doesn't just see all the damage.  He sees how beautiful she will be once He gets His hands on her. 

...and that is happily ever after...


  1. oh wow, I really like this one! I'm that tripping bride, but I am glad that Jesus does see how beautiful I am, even if I'm just not quite there yet (but will be one day indeed) This story truly will end happily ever after (for all of eternity)

    you have a great way putting words together like this; I often think they would make a great devotional book; short, to the point.

    have a good one!


  2. Good one! Good point. We may trip. But trip in the arms of our Lord! Amen.

  3. Don't like to imagine myself as the zombie bride...slightly convicting...


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