Sunday, July 22, 2012

silly string

you know...the colored foam in a spray can that makes a festive mess that rivals even the best paper confetti. 

my childhood memories include silly string in many instances.  battles with my dad...suprise parties for friends...pranks on camp counselors.

the military uses silly string in a more practical way.  when they are about to enter an area that may be booby trapped with trip wires...they spray the silly string first.  the lightweight, brightly colored foam gets caught up on any wires, revealing the plan of the enemy.'s time to get out your spiritual silly string.

you're headed somewhere...whether it is into a new season of your life or a new grade in ask God to reveal where the enemy has plans to trip you up.  then either avoid those areas altogether or come up with a plan do disarm the weapons of the enemy (prayer and accountability come to mind).  and do it often.  if the men and women in war zones searched for triplines on the outside of a building but never on the inside...they'd never make it don't just prepare for attacks in the have got to be prepared all day long.

where are you headed?  what tripwires could the enemy have waiting for you?  what are you going to do about it?


  1. I like this for asking God to reveal where the enemy has plans to trip me up; I hadn't thought of that before! Very good advice! Definitely want to carry my own silly string along when going against the enemy indeed!


  2. Great word! I didn't know silly string was used like that by military! You are always a source of interesting facts :)


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