Sunday, July 15, 2012


i have identical twins.  as i am finding that 5th grade health class failed the average american...let me explain.

identical twins do not run in families.  identical twins have nothing to do with fertility treatments or anything like that.  technically...'scientifically speaking' identical twins are a bit of an 'oopsie'.

one egg is fertilized by one sperm to make one baby.  and then a few days into this baby's cushy womb life BAM! the zygote splits in two and all of a sudden they have a roommate!

science has no explanation for why or how this happens. 

it's like God said, 'it's time for this couple to have a's give 'em two.'

now, although my girls are identical twins...they share the same dna...that's about where the similarities stop. 

baby A - as she was named in the womb - is my nurturer.  she is one that will sit on my lap and hold me when i'm having a bad day.  she is paradoxically stubborn as a mule...but really eager to please.  the girl could hold a grudge for days...but is very even tempered and it takes a lot to actually make her angry. she has a very warm, loving, sweet spirit.  in the womb...she spent the entire time perched on my left hip.  it was like she was saying, 'i'm in here mom...and even though it's kinda crowded...i don't want to make you too uncomfortable'.  now she is nearly always the first to share her toys or give up the 'good seat'.  her name means 'strong, buoyant reed'.  she will withstand the storms of her life and rise above the wreckage around her.  and Jesus will receive all the glory.

baby B - is my fireball.  she goes from 0-60 in any given direction in about 30 seconds.  everything she feels is with great intensity.  she will be laughing and smiling and then screaming and crying and then dancing and cheering before i can even figure out what was funny in the first place.  she gets overwhelmed easily.  she is stubborn and sometimes a bit of a drama queen and i'm already praying that God gives me wisdom to train her up so she doesn't become my contrary teenager.  in the womb she was always bouncing around and never the same way twice during my bimonthly ultrasounds.  her name means 'good friend, consecrated to God'.  people are drawn to her vivacious spirit.  and even at her young age, she loves Jesus.

my classy ladies...ahem...window lickers...

they play, they fight, they are sisters and best friends.

anyway...i said all of that to say this...

if God...who created my beautiful little girls at the same the same womb...from the same egg...with the same dna and physical features...also created them to be so different and wonderful as individuals...then certainly God created you to be unique.  He formed you specifically for the purpose He has for you.  so there is no need to look at others and yearn for their qualities.  there is not need to compare yourself to anyone around you.  don't be ashamed of the qualities God has included in your design.  be proud of the things that make you unique...He is.


  1. they are so cute and I didn't realize that about identical twins; for some reason I thought it was two eggs, one sperm, but biology was not my strong suit in school :)

    It is interesting how opposite they are in personalities and one could so easily compare one to the other "why are you like Twin A" or "I wish you did this like Twin B" but of course one cannot do that and like you said, treat them unique in how God made them unique.

    I do agree with you not to be ashamed about my uniqueness or what I have for talent (or lack of) and compare to others. I'm married to a gifted musician (guitarist). I have to admit there were times I had a bit of "gift envy" that he had all this talent and played in the worship band in front of all and all I could do was hold a baby in the nursery until God reminded me that me holding that baby in the nursery and having the gift to soothe them while crying gave their parents that brief period of time in worship to spend uninterrupted time with him, which in turn would strengthen them in their child rearing days. So now I'm glad I'm uniquely made (but can't carry a tune :)


  2. Something that still creeps in there every once in awhile...a great reminder today to be thankful for who God made me to be...


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