Saturday, July 28, 2012

baby monitor

my sons' room is under constant surveillance. 

since we moved the baby we decided to put our video monitor up in the boys' room in order to keep an eye on them.  (my 3 year old is awesome...but i don't entirely trust him alone with his little brother...yet).

the baby cries sometimes...and i plant myself in front of the screen watching his every move to make sure he isn't in serious distress.  when he gets too worked up i pick him up and snuggle him until everything is okay.

do you think God has a giant monitor?  maybe He sits watching us as we are feeling lonely and upset.  when we aren't strong enough to get what we need and we start crying out. 

He leaves us alone for a little bit...lets us work it our trust muscles and become stronger in the faith.  then...just when we think we can't take anymore...he comes in, scoops us up and snuggles us until everything is okay.

when you're going thru trials...know that Daddy is right there...


  1. Sometimes i am like your baby needing to be swept in to the arms of my loving Father...honestly though, sometimes I am like his older brother and God has to "keep His eye on me" lol

  2. I think he does watch over us, monitor or not :) but I think we often are the ones that take forever to cry out to him; I think he'd like it if we cried out sooner than later :)



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