Thursday, May 31, 2012


sunglasses are probably my favorite accessory.

after i had lasik my eyes were extremely light i had to wear them all the time...and i didn't mind one bit.  i looked so cool...and i had a good reason...

but did you know that some sunglasses can actually be harmful to your eyes?  a pair of darkened lenses without any spf coating will actually cause your pupils to dilate and then allow the uv rays to pass right on thru.  you'd be better off wearing no eye protection at all...

friends can be like sunglasses.

i love my friends.  all of them. 

sometimes i rely on my friends to make me look cool...other times i rely on my friends to support and protect me when i am vulnerable.

aaaaand some friends...

we all have them.  we've probably even been one of these friends before.  friends with good intentions.  friends that soothe our egos rather than convict our hearts to be better than what we are.  they make us think that we are okay...when we are actually walking into sin.

you know how it goes.  you start 'venting' and then pretty soon you are either bashing or gossiping and you catch yourself. have a 'good friend' that says 'no, it's're just can talk to me...'  they soothe your conscience just like the darkened lenses soothe your eye into thinking that it's safe.  but we don't realize that we are opening ourselves up to intense damage.  we'd be better off to have no friends at all. 

i don't mean to sound bleak.  i love my 'girl time' just like anyone else.  but we need to be cautious.  we need to surround ourselves with at least one friend that won't hold back when it comes to accountability.  a friend that will say 'woah...that sounds like you're about to cross the line' or 'let's stop right now and pray...'  and we need to be that friend to others.

Proverbs 27:5
"An open rebuke is better than hidden love."

next time you are out with 'that friend' tell her how much you appreciate her friendship and then ask her to hold you accountable and promise to do the same...then go out and try on some cute sunglasses... :)

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  1. Still fail at this sometimes...but better than I once was...trusting God to keep working on me. Great word picture!


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