Tuesday, May 29, 2012

quiet time

i love going outside to get the mail.  it might be one of my favorite moments of my day.

i put a movie on for my kids, go out my front door and mosey by all the lovely flowers on my front patio.  then i get to walk all the way down my driveway (it's only a car length) without having to supervise anyone.  we live in a quiet neighborhood so usually there is no one in sight.  it's like entering an alternative universe. 

i listen to the birds, breathe in the fresh air and exhale the stress of my typical morning.

then i turn around and walk back up the driveway to see my little girls looking out the window, watching me.  they are so cute...when you can't hear them...

then it hits me.  this is worship.

i don't get a lot of  'quiet time with God'.  if i'm lucky, my kids leave me alone in the bathroom long enough to read a one page devotion and even then it's usually pushed to the back of my mind by the time i have dealt with snack and nap time.

ahh...nap time...that's another favorite.  i get to enjoy a little yoga and rejoice that God made our bodies to release all kinds of fun chemicals as we stretch our muscles.  then i realize...this just might be worship too.

thankfully, God is secure enough in who He is that He doesn't need me to be on my knees all day long.  He gave me these beautiful children and He gets it...things are a little crazy.  my mind is busy but my heart is still centered on Him. 

i worship Him in the little things.  hearing my kids giggling together.  a hot cup of coffee.  a husband who calls to see how i'm doing.  breaking up a fight and knowing that He will give me the wisdom to train up these little maniacs into what He calls them to be.  snuggles.  finding my now cold coffee in the microwave and rejoicing that it still tastes okay.  knowing that He is busy with His kids too.

and i worship.

Psalm 62:5
"Let all that I am wait quietly before God, for my hope is in Him."

how do you worship your Father in the everyday?


  1. My mind is busy but my heart is still centered on Him...love that line...very thought provoking...not sure I can answer that question yet

  2. First time visiting, commenting on your blog. Have enjoyed reading some of your entries. I think it is very hard for a mother with young children to find time for quiet times with God. I think you are doing great to do what you can, as you can and to just thank him for all the blessings he gives you through your family. I know as they grow (and amazingly the time will go by so fast) you'll have blocks of time that are actually yours and yours alone (although it doesn't seem possible at this stage of the game :) and then you can carve out some definite times for quiet/devotional/prayer times :)

    My kids are grown and out of the house; I have a quiet time in the mornings where I read the Bible and pray. During the day I do try to remember to thank God for things that are happening around me :)


  3. thanks for the encouragement...and thanks for reading!


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