Tuesday, September 18, 2012

wait for me!

in these days of hustle and bustle no one likes to wait for anything.  especially not for slowpoke me.

as a kid...i can't even count how many times my parents 'left' me in stores (all the while waiting right outside the door) to get me to move faster.

in grade school i was a good thing my neighborhood was a loop because i almost always caught the bus on the second time around.

in college i would get left behind at dinner...forced to cross an inner city campus after dark if i didn't eat at the same pace as my company (a group of guys that were complete gentlemen in every other aspect).

i don't try to be pokey...honestly...i try really hard to be early for things...

then...God decided to make a little joke.  yeah.  'let's give 4 preschoolers to the pokey one...'  funny...really funny.

'wait for me!' used to be my mantra...now i don't even bother...

---  ---  ---

in chapter 8 of the book of luke Jesus is a busy guy...he's travelling all over the place, healing people, telling some really good stories, calming storms, casting out demons, you know...all in a day's work for the Son of God...

as He is doing all this awesome stuff a powerful and important man comes and asks Him for His help.  Jesus, of course, goes with the guy to help out.  and Jesus' mob (not wanting to miss a miracle) jostled along with Him.

so Jesus was on His way somewhere important with someone powerful to do something awesome.

then there was a woman.  the woman had been bleeding for over a decade.  she was probably crampy, anemic, and sick of being unclean both physically and ceremonially.  she had emptied her bank account trying to find a cure. she was probably weak.  she was probably lonely.  probably desperate.

so...she gave it a shot.  she touched Him.

here is my favorite part.  He...Son of God...Creator of the Universe...on His way to somewhere important with someone powerful to do something awesome. 

He waited.

He stopped the entire mob and started playing detective to figure out who had laid claim to His healing power.

He stood there and had an entire conversation with this anonymous woman.  well...she was anonymous to everyone else...the bible doesn't give her a name.  but Jesus...He called her Daughter.

Jesus loved her so much...He waited for her.  He stopped everything and took a minute just for her...

thank You, Jesus for waiting for me.  thanks for waiting for me when i am being thick headed and taking too long to get things right.  thanks for waiting for me when i am unable to understand...
Your grace is so amazing...


  1. Amen with Jesus' grace so amazing! I am so grateful that he does wait for us and that he never gives up on us. And he is just so patient too as he waits. Like you said, truly amazing!!


  2. Thank the Good Lord that He is very patient with us. Blessings.


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