Monday, September 10, 2012

but i just

my kids have a bad habit.  it goes like this:

mommy:  'honey, stop doing that please.  you're going to get hurt...or hurt someone else.'
kid:  'but i just wanted to...'
this drives me crazy!

'but i just' has been banned in our house. 

using your good intentions to veil your less than pleasing actions.  yuck.

we often say 'well...God knows my heart.'
     ...gossip is gossip.
          ...murder is murder.

and yes.  God does know our hearts and when we do something unintentionally His awesome grace covers us.  absolutely.

but when we assassinate some one's character...'but i just wanted them to know what kind of person she really is' not a good excuse...

when we kidnap some one's dreams and ambitions with our 'realistic' views instead of offering to pray that God works mighty miracles to guide them toward their calling...'but i just didn't want you to be disappointed.'  ...well...that just isn't enough.

we all do these things.  i'm not saying that we will be perfect.  we lose our tempers...our tongues are mighty and are not easily tamed.  but...don't make excuses.  just own up to it. 

instead of...'but i just...'
maybe try...'i'm sorry that i...'
or...'please forgive me for...'

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