Wednesday, September 19, 2012

move the can

i recently moved my bathroom garbage can.  it has been a disaster. 

old habits die hard and i have inadvertently thrown many a used tissue on the floor where the can used to be.

as God takes us thru new things and miraculously removes major garbage from our lives...we have to be cautious not to end up with junk in that spot.  and if we do accidentally fall into old habits we need to fix it quickly.

to clarify...if God has convicted me of a prideful, judgemental nature (guilty as charged)...i will repent and turn away from that pride (move the garbage can).  however...i may...without thinking...drop a thought into the space where my judgemental pride used to be.  if i leave it there...then i might as well just put the garbage can back.  so i need to take quick responsibility.  'whoops...that doesn't belong there anymore...'  and fix it.

the same goes for our relationships and our emotions. 


  1. That is so true; it does take a conscious awareness on our part not to slip back into patterns that we know we need to repent of or change.


  2. The more I trust my Heavenly Daddy the more I am aware of my surroundings and continue to move forward. Blessings.

  3. Thank you for the reminder of how important it is to be continually replaces the junk with God's good things! :) God bless!


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