Thursday, September 13, 2012

like her brother...

today one of my daughters tried to pee standing her brother does.  then she poo'd.  it wasn't until she realized that she had poo on her legs feet and floor that she realized.  God didn't make me for this.  seriously.  life doesn't get any better than that...right?

how many times do i look at the people around me doing the amazing things for God that they were created to do.  and covet their calling. matter how hard i try...i just can't do it.  and i usually don't realize it until i have made a mess.

God created me for something awesome.  but i can tell you a few things that i am not created to do.

i am not created to preach.
     though i have taken and passed public speaking classes and have no qualms about standing in front of people...i am not good at preaching.  i am a choppy-minded person that requires far too much feedback for addressing the masses.

i am not created to host.
     while i would like to think i am decent cook...and i would happily offer anyone the comforts of my home...i know that i am not gifted in hospitality.  guests stress me out.  i wish i wasn't that way...but i am.  hosting a dinner or a prayer meeting or even just having friends over is not something i do well...and usually i end up making people feel uncomfortable.

i am not created to head up a ministry.
     creating schedules and maintaining itineraries is like reading swahili.  i just don't get all.

so i know what i am not created to do...
but i do think it's so cool when God uses someone to do these things.  for instance...we have a ladies tea every winter.  it is phenominal and it is all put together by 2 ladies that are gifted in the hospitality/hosting/cooking area.  they have 3 courses (scones, sandwiches and dessert)  and a tea to go with each course...and let me tell come hungry and you leave satiated. 
if i were to try to be a major part of the tea ministry (while i can carry a hot teapot with ease) it would be a disaster.  i know this...the ladies that do the ministry know this...they just keep me out of the kitchen.

if i were in charge of a ministry...the budget would be blown in a week and no one would have any clue what was going on...including me...and i would be trying really hard.

i have a lot of gifts in different areas.  i am an encourager...i boldly speak truth...i have a background in music and theatre...i am a problem solver with big ideas...i know that God hears me when i pray...

so...i am trusting that God has created me for something specific and special...something that only He in all His wisdom and imagination could come up with.  i just have to wait on Him to reveal to me what His plan is.

in the meantime...i am going to encourage people that are doing what God has created them for and help clean up the messes of those trying to function in roles that they were not created for...including my own...

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