Tuesday, September 11, 2012


today 11 years ago...i was a college freshman trying to stay afloat in a new life.

one of the professors rolled a tv into the hall and tuned it to the news just in time to see the second tower being assaulted.

i sat on the floor and thought to myself... 'how horrible.'

then the news about the plane in pennsylvania changed my whole view.

i am from a small town in western pa...and have always been a little self involved...so i had no idea where exactly the plane was or how close it was to my family.

images of the neighborhood i grew up in as part of the wreakage flooded my mind.  and it seemed like time stood still.

i think i called my family 20 times that day.

it is easy to say...'how horrible' and feel no real compassion and do nothing when things seem far away.  but when those very same things are in our own backyard...we understand and are often moved to do something about it.

children starving...families without clean water...kids being forced to do unspeakable things...

thankfully God is everywhere...He knows what those people need.  and He has the power to do something about it. 
He may even want to use you to help.

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