Friday, September 7, 2012


bricks are pretty inspiring.

they are all made of the same basic ingredients.  dirt and water.

hmm...sounds a little bit like us...according to the book of genesis God made Adam from dirt.  and according to my biology text book a significant portion of the human body is water. conclusion...we are bricks.

just kidding.
but seriously...the similarities don't end there.
a brick that is made by hand is far more expensive and will last longer than a brick that is made by a machine.  do you know why that is?  imperfection.
the imperfections in a handmade brick allow it to expand and contract with environmental changes. while the more machine made brick crumbles more easily because it is more uniform.
i just thought that was so cool.  we are perfectly imperfect.  rather than looking at the bricks around us and wishing we were more like them...we should be celebrating the fact that we have so many imperfections.  when we work together we make a formidable, long lasting structure. 
embrace your imperfections...they make you stronger and worth more than if you were perfect. 
and when you are looking at someone else and thinking how amazing they are...and comparing your flaws to their shining qualities. 
remember...we're all just bricks.

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