Friday, September 14, 2012


i teach a group of 12 year old girls on wednesday nights.

sometimes they get really involved in what i am teaching and allow God's word to change them...other times i may as well be speaking to a brick wall.

as the new school year started...i also started with a fresh group of girls. 

this year i decided to start with the integrity unit.  i like this unit because it teaches the girls to be the same person all the be honest with their faults and not 'play church' around me and act differently as soon as they leave my classroom.  that means i have to be prepared to deal with some ugly stuff...and i also have to be willing to reveal some of my own garbage...

anyway.  the opening of the unit started with them having to name 3 people that had integrity.  and then they had to explain why.

i was blown away when all 5 girls in my class...with no discussion...wrote down abby's name. 

not that i was surprised.  abby had been in my class the year before and is an awesome young woman.  her parents are raising her right...and holding her responsible for the choices she makes while loving her thru her imperfections.  she hears from God and does her best to seek Him daily. 

what surprised me is that she was the first person to jump to their minds...all of them.

i want to be that way.  i want to live my life in such a way that when someone says 'Christlike' or 'full of grace'.  my name pops to mind.  i want my name to be synonymous with integrity.  in the dictionary...i want my picture to be next to those words. 


  1. We all feel the same way...your blog made me cry today. We read it as a family and feel very blessed. Thanx. God is so good despite us...


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