Thursday, September 6, 2012

passion isn't pretty.

olympic divers - mid dive

these divers work hard to have the flexibility, precision, accuracy and stamina to get olympic gold quality dives on a consistant basis.  they are amazing.  they are passionate.  but...they are certainly not pretty. (at least...not in these pictures)

if a guy looked like this while walking down the street and approached'd probably run...or maybe call for an ambulance...

similarly...when we are passionate about or God-called to something...we may not be very pretty.  we have to be okay with that.  because it's only when we let go and allow ourseves to be a little un-pretty that our passion shows and with God's grace we can come up with some really wonderful stuff...(olympic gold...anyone?)


  1. Love the coralation. These pictures are interesting to say the least. Blessings.

  2. Love those pics! This reminds me of the pic and word you shared with me about my healing and my worship...thanks for the reminder. I sure appreciate you and am sorry if I don't always express that :)


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