Tuesday, September 4, 2012

every word

i guess it's been a week since i've posted...huh?

things have been crazy...but things are always crazy.  i could give a hundred excuses...but honestly.  i just didn't have anything worth posting.  and that very fact inspired me...it's funny how that works.

i have probably mentioned before that my youngest has a large hemangioma right smack between his eyes.  it's a very obvious blemish on his otherwise adorable, happy little face.

i hardly notice it when i see him...but i know that it stands out to people that don't know him.
strangers make comments all the time.  'oh, did he fall?'  'what is that on his face?'  'are you going to get that removed?' 'oh my (son, daughter, cousin, grandchild, little kid i taught in sunday school) had one of those and it faded by the time he was twelve.'  'aww...that thing looks just like an apple.'  'is that cancer?' either they make these crazy comments or they ignore him completely and talk to me about my other children.
we were at the park and a little girl was talking to the baby.  she asked what was on his face and i told her it was a birthmark.  'awww...he's too cute for a birthmark!'  was her answer. 
i realized that her response put my feelings into words...it was honest.  and refreshing. 
there are so many verses about the words we speak...proverbs 18:21, psalm 17:3 and matthew 12:36 come to mind.  most often, when we think about the power of our words...we think of the things that are intentional.  intentional words to encourage or to hurt definitely hold a lot of power.  however...it's the things that are unintentional that are sometimes worse.  things that are said to fill the silence and things that are not filtered by social grace...
funerals are the worst.  people say really dumb things at funerals...with the best of intentions...
i am striving to be more cautious of the words that leave my mouth...both the intentional and unintentional.  (even here...on this blog).  because...we are held accountable for every word we speak...
the thing is...God can give me the right thing to say and the exact right time to say it.  i just have to listen.


  1. So convicting to someone like myself who likes to talk, write and teach...oh, how I need Jesus!

  2. Wonderful post and touched me. Hugs.

  3. Good words! (hahaha no pun intended) This makes me think of all of the comments people give when we are pregnant and they like to point out our size! We need to be so aware! Love this!


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