Tuesday, August 14, 2012

the bat.

we have an unwelcome guest in our home.

we don't know how it got here or when...but it all started about a week ago when my husband found little poo's on the floor.  i am a city girl.  i don't do well with rodents.  so i took my 4 children to the hardware store (yeah...it was that serious) and bought 12 mouse traps.

after explaining to the kids why we don't touch mousetraps...that they could lose fingers and never get the opportunity to be world famous concert pianists...i set them...and waited.

nothing...but more poo's.

then...a few nights later my husband was in the living room getting a diaper at 2am...and noticed that there was a shadow figure swooping around in our family room.

when i went to look...i didn't see anything.  so i told him to stop being paranoid and go back to bed.  then i shut the doors...just in case.

the next night...same routine...2am.  and the bat chased him down the hall toward our bedroom.  as he slammed the door behind him we heard a 'boom' of the bat running into it.  we carefully opened the door and there was nothing there.  so after a brief search...we went back to bed.

a few nights went by...my husband insisting there was an intruder...i started wondering if his mind was suffering from our stressful life...then he even started to question his sanity. 

i finally decided that even if there was a bat...it would have to be dead by now.

so we started to sleep with the doors open again.

that night i woke at 2 am...rolled over...and there was that bat circling my bedroom ceiling...i don't know what happened next...i was hiding under my pillow.

i do know that the stinking thing is still in my home.  it is hiding somewhere...during the day and flying around at night.  we heard it in the wall last night...

i am completely freaked out...and have no idea what to do...

you know...this applies spiritually too...
sometimes people tell us that there is a problem and we ignore them.
we tell them they are being prudish or judgemental.
and they even start to wonder if they made it up or are being too sensitive.
eventually we let our guard down...
and we are woken up in the middle of the night slapped in the face by reality.
the fact is...sin is a problem that we can't solve alone.

Jesus, the sin exterminator...He'll take care of it.

and those that love us...they'll help keep us honest.  if we let them.


  1. Good night,I was amazed with so much 'despair',are you serious? Bats are peaceful, and like other animal, only attacks when he feels scared.
    I've had many bats in my backyard and in my residence,
    and I know a way to solve the problem is to line the ceiling / closed windows / screens with because if there are bats are birds (unless shit bird is less dirty to you).
    I'm not here to talk bad things to you, or the bad way you think about the creatures,or a childish discussion.
    I just came peacefully alert that you're doing "much noise for nothing".


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