Tuesday, August 14, 2012

garage sale

the other day, my 2 year old daughter strapped herself into her little brother's car seat.  then, as my 3 year old tried to pick the car seat up...things went south.  you see...the car seat wasn't made for her...she's grown out of it.  so as he tried to pick her up, she slipped out of the bottom and ended up hanging by her chin and elbows.  thankfully i was right there and was able to unlatch her before any serious damage was done...

we just put a bunch of kid stuff in a garage sale...it was so nice to get old strollers and highchairs out of my house.  while it was a little sad to see those reminders of my kids' infancy leave...it is refreshing to have some open space.

1 Corinthians 13:11
When I was a child,
I spoke and thought and reasoned as a child.
But when I grew up,
I put away childish things.

as we grow in our walk with Jesus...we put the old things away...but i suggest we don't just store them in our closet...or put them in the attic.  i suggest we have a garage sale and get them out of our house!

you see...if we keep those childish things around...it is sometimes tempting to regress.  and regressing can be really dangerous.  we have grown out of un-Christlike gossip...even the 'prayer request' kind.  we have grown out of pettiness...even the kind of pettiness that leads us to 'encourage someone to better themselves'.  we have grown out of malice and cattiness.  some of those things are like shoes.  put on shoes that are too small and they will make you uncomfortable.  other things are like car seats.  buckle yourself into a car seat that is too small and you could get seriously hurt. 

as we get those things out of our house...there more open space for us to play...and less junk creating hidey-holes for the spiders and bats that the enemy sends our way...(more on that later).


  1. Excellent! I have a habit of storing things away then I have to go through them again to see if they are worthy to keep. In my spiritual life, I want to be careful to get rid of anything that won't be an aid to growing a fruitful life.

  2. I'm a 'if you don't need it/use it, chuck it!' kind of girl. Mostly. Although chucking some of it is a truly bittersweet experience.

    I love what you say about if we put things in a cupboard, we are only tempted to use them. You know, it's interesting because God has made our brains that way! I might even do a blog on that. They were made like that so that we could put good, beautiful things in our cupboards so that we are 'tempted' to pick up useful, beautiful, love-ly shoes, or jumpers that bless God, others and ourselves.

    Thanks for this...and yes, gossip even of the prayer request kind is the pits!

    I'm so glad I popped on over (from Beloved Bomber) and I'm following your blog!

  3. I don't know why it is sometimes so hard to let go of things...even the things we know we should let go of. Gossip is actually hard to let go of...


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