Wednesday, August 15, 2012

cosmetic junkie

ask anyone that knows me well and they will tell you...i am a cosmetic junkie.

i can get lost in lotions and fragrances and eye shadows and lip glosses.  it's not that i have to wear all that goop because i feel incomplete as a human being...i just genuinely enjoy it.

with my theatre background, i look at my face as a canvas and makeup as my is never a is more of a hallowed ritual.

i have different products and fragrances for different occasions and different seasons...i just really enjoy it.

even when i go grocery shopping...i spend a good deal of time walking thru the cosmetic aisles examining the colors and fragrances of those overpriced items.

Proverbs 27:9 
Just as lotions and fragrance give sensual delight,
a sweet friendship refreshes the soul.

i have amazing friends.  i am not someone that needs a lot of friends.  i am happy to have 1 or 2 close friends and hundreds of acquaintances.  i am also not someone that is willing to work really hard in a friendship.  i think that as long as we are growing closer to our Father, friendships should just work. 

there may be the occasional misunderstanding...but with complete honesty and understanding...these things resolve themselves.  i trust my friends' hearts, relish our differences, and enjoy our similarities.  i cherish them as they grow into the women that God has called them to be...rejoicing with them as they overcome obstacles and prayerfully encourage them as they come to new challenges. 

i enjoy my friendships...maybe as much as i enjoy my cosmetics. 

God is so good to have inspired that proverb.  He just 'gets' me.  


  1. All I can do is smile...I know the cosmetic love you have and also am blessed to experience your friendship. I am glad that God has given me a friend who actually knows something about makeup and can help me. lol

  2. I know I commented on this one too and there seems to be a glich with comments disappearing.


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