Thursday, August 9, 2012

real food.

well...after a rough day involving a rodent in my home...a crazy trip to the mall...nearly blacking out from low blood sugar...and all that...

my husband is bringing food home.  real food. 

i am trying not to be disappointed in myself for only making it half way thru my 10 day juice fast.  i know my kids will like me much better when i have the energy and the cool temperament they are used to. 

well...i have learned something.

i purposely was not making this a God fast because i wanted to be able to talk to people about's purpose was completely health related...and i wanted to be able to moan and groan... (something that the bible clearly frowns upon in a God fast).

maybe if i had included God a little more and relied on His strength instead of my own...i could have gone thru it without making my poor children suffer.

i teach girls to cling to Jesus...i encourage friends to lean on His strength...


so glad for God's grace.


  1. Aww. Give yourself grace, too! Your body works better on food than juice. So does mine. (My husband can go hours and hours without eating and feel fine. If I go past four hours without eating I feel like a ravening beast. It's a blood sugar/metabolism thing, I really think.) admire you for making through the days that you did.

  2. Don't be so hard on yourself! You were very successful, way more disciplined than I could have been. Enjoy the food God made and throw a healthy juice in there for a meal every once in awhile.


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