Tuesday, August 21, 2012

corn in the ditch?

i saw this as i was driving thru the country and it made me smile. 

Matthew 13:3-9
 "What do you make of this? A farmer planted seed. As he scattered the seed, some of it fell on the road, and birds ate it. Some fell in the gravel; it sprouted quickly but didn't put down roots, so when the sun came up it withered just as quickly. Some fell in the weeds; as it came up, it was strangled by the weeds. Some fell on good earth, and produced a harvest beyond his wildest dreams.
 "Are you listening to this? Really listening?"

we're listening, Jesus...
and then you show me cool things like this...

sometimes the soil is good where we least expect it.  and sometimes seeds can grow...even in bad soil.  so we can not allow the apparent quality of someone's heart-soil determine whether we are going to sow seeds of Christlike love...or reserve them for a better prospect.

i know that we are cautioned to not cast our pearls before swine...but who are we to judge who's a pig and who is just a stinky human being? 

what if someone saw you and immediately decided your heart was too hard or your attitude was too bad.  i know that i would not be following Jesus today...because i didn't think i needed Him.  i had it all together on my own and no one could have convinced me otherwise...but they spread their seeds anyway.  i am so thankful.
Jesus looks at our hearts and sees fertile soil...even if it's waaaaay deep down...under rocks and asphalt and some old chewing gum...

so.  as we follow in His footsteps...we are called to spread seeds.  don't hesitate.  you never know where those seeds might just take root and grow like crazy.


  1. Wonderfully written. It isn't our place to judge; I think we would get it all backwards. I think that is why we sow seed on all types and just wait to see what God does. I think we all believe that in theory but walking it out requires less of me and more of Him.

  2. So very true, we cannot trust what we see on the outside let alone know what is going on in the inside. Many surprises have sprouted on people that some others may have given up on! Thank You Jesus that You did not give up on me. Blessings BB.


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