Monday, December 3, 2012


we cut down a Christmas tree...

taken by lori spellman at henson's hideaway
it's not for everyone...but it's my favorite family tradition.
what are your favorite traditions?


  1. look at you all looking so it. I will have to ask kids. I think my mom's homemade raviolis and wedding soup could be my favorite...terrible that it involves food, but my grandma use to make them and it just isn't the same without them.

  2. food isn't always bad...only when it replaces Jesus... :)

  3. How sweet and what a wonderful tradition to do! I can see why it is a favorite! I liked Christmas morning when the kids were younger and we would have our breakfast and while hubby and me were cleaning up, the kids would go in and sort out the presents, pile for son, pile for daughter, etc. Then before we opened presents we would read from the Bible, usually from Luke chapter 2, and say a prayer thanking God for Jesus :)



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