Thursday, December 6, 2012


i made some craptastic biscotti the other night.

this is NOT my biscotti...but this is what i was aiming for...sigh...
first i burned the goodness out of it...then in an attempt to save it...i scraped all the charred ick off of each piece and 'drizzled' white chocolate onto them...except my white chocolate came out in nasty clumps.  my 4 year old could have done better.

they were edible...just not giftable. husband took them to work :)

a woman with italian heritage commented on what a wonderful husband he must be.  her family always said that if a woman has time to make biscotti it means that her man is taking good care of her.

what is funny is that lately i have been really
struggling with feeling cared for.  often my feelings are pushed to the side (as things should be when there are 4 little ones). 

i thought about complaining, whining and nagging...but i know better...those methods just push him further away.

i thought about giving him the silent treatment...but that doesn't actually accomplish anything...just makes him think i'm going to start my period soon.

i tried hinting...pfft!  that didn't work at husband is completely oblivious to are most men.

i tried flat out asking for more compassion on his part...but things get busy and then i get bitter...a really bad combo.

so...i prayed. 

it wasn't a long eloquent prayer (as you can tell...i'm far from eloquent) i just held my heart out to God for Him to fix it.

you know what's funny.  a few days later (maybe even a few weeks)  my husband asked me how i was feeling. husband woke me up one morning with some incredible news...he was staying home from work and he wanted me to take the day off. 
i went and got my hair cut (10 inches off and it's still past my!)
i ate out...inside the restaurant...and no one looked at me weird...and my food was hot.
i read a few chapters in a book that didn't have to do with my responsibilities.
i walked around the mall and picked up a few Christmas presents.

and the whole time i thanked my Father for speaking to my husband on my behalf. 

and then i got home and gushed over my husband for what a blessing the day was...and i made biscotti.


  1. It is always good to take everything to God in prayer, especially our hearts. I think it is awesome how God answered your prayer. I think you went about it the right way too to pray, instead of nag, etc.



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