Thursday, December 20, 2012

yes sir

i have never been accused of being 'too soft' on my kids.  in's usually the opposite.  i am a tough mom...but a loving mom.  and my kids are well behaved. (for the most part)

we go thru phases of grace and phases of me cracking down.  right now we are in a cracking down phase.  so much so that i am insisting my children say 'yes sir' or 'yes ma'am'.  not because i want my kids to be like little soldiers or blindly obedient.  i usually don't mind explaining my reasons for wanting them to do things.  but i am tired of the whining.  you know how it goes.

'mom, can i have come candy?'
'not right now.'

'please stop jumping on the couch.'
'BUT MAWWWWWUUUUMMMMMM!' nails on a chalkboard.

i was thinking about it though...God doesn't insist on our obedience. 

He sent His baby boy to die in my place and then gives me the choice to obey...  ???   ...

i just can't wrap my mind around it.  if i sent my sweet baby boy to be punished for something that he had no part in...if i made that'd better believe i'd let you know it...i'd remind you of that sacrifice every time i needed something from you.  when i asked you to do something i would expect you to say 'yes ma'am!'

...but God is God...and i am not.  (thankfully for all of

do you know how God reminds us that His precious Son walked away from His glorious place in heaven to come down and live in this garbage pit we call home? 

Father God lets us sing carols and give gifts to one another...

and how does He remind us that that same Son, although almighty and wise walked thru all that we walk thru...He experienced loss, disappointment, frustration...then He died in our place?  in my place?

Father God lets the sun rise every morning...and the flowers come up in the spring time...

He lets us experience the joy of snuggly babies and the sweetness of puppy breath and the delight of warm chocolate chip cookies. 

and even though He is always behind us whispering which way we should go and how we should act and what we should do...

He doesn't insist that we say 'yes sir'
...but He really does enjoy it when we obey...

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  1. Lovely blog and post! God is a good Daddy! It's our choice to follow Him, but who wouldn't? He's perfect and full of love!


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