Monday, November 26, 2012

happy humbug

why do we stress our way thru this time of year???

we do so many, cooking, hosting, wrapping, baking, decorating, blaaaahhh.

now don't get me wrong...i am a complete Christmas nut.  i start listening to Christmas music the day after halloween...insist my kids watch or read one Christmas related movie or book each giddily thru the pine forest as we choose our Christmas tree...i'm a real freak.

however...the instant these things stress me out...i will stop.  i will become a bonefide humbug...but i will be a happy humbug.  i will keep Christmas in my own way :)

after all...if we are truly celebrating Christmas...the birthday of our Savior...we will be happy.

so we have to really fight the urge to make Christmas all about the 'mas' (meaning more in spanish)
instead of about Christ.

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  1. so totally agree and I like your approach in that if it becomes stressful you will stop; lots of people need to adapt that philosophy! I also like the no mas too if it becomes too much!



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