Thursday, November 22, 2012


today i am thankful for... incredible husband who is both humble and strong.  what a rare treasure he is!  i am in awe of how good my God is and how much He must love me because of what a wonderful partner He created for me. oldest son.  he is truly a great messenger of God.  i can't wait to see what he is going to become as he follows the path God has laid out for him.  he is sensitive, funny, kind, wise and an intuitive helper.  i am so blessed to have this 4 year old as a part of my life. sweet daughter - buoyant, strong reed.  with her sweet spirit, nurturing way toward others and inner strength and confidence she is going to be a great leader someday (soon).  she teaches me so much about knowing who you are...there is no doubt in her mind that she is beautiful and Jesus loves her (she'll tell you in no uncertain terms).  i am so glad! complex little fire ball.  she's a good friend, consecrated to God.  from 0-60 in 30 seconds...everything she feels is intense and genuine.  she has compassion that is far beyond her years and makes me laugh better than anyone. baby boy.  he is a great reminder of God's redemption...that Jesus saves those that don't deserve it (like me...for instance).  no one is going to be able to turn him from the path God leads him to.  he is strong and has been an awesome testimony to God's grace already. home.  warm.  comforting.  messy.  home. teachers.  family, friends, mentors who are more like family and friends...anyone who has invested in me.  i am the person that i am because people have taken the time to stoop down and show me how to be.  someone taught me how to tie my shoelaces.  someone taught me how to sing.  someone taught me how to worship.  someone taught me how to love.  someone taught me how to parent.  someone taught me how to write (ok...maybe we're still working on that one).  i am so blessed to have so many teachers along the way! examples.  i am a people watcher.  constantly...i'm looking for examples of what to do and what not to do...(i have always had a little pinterest account in my head). first world problems.  dirty dishes.  family drama.  weight gain.  grief over losses.  these problems are evidence that i am privileged to live in a first world nation.  the people that are struggling to survive don't deal with these i am thankful for them. thankfulness.  every moment of every day we choose.  and i choose to be thankful.  to laugh with a song in my heart knowing that good or bad...God's got this all under control.


happy thanksgiving to you and yours.


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  1. Truly wonderful things to be thankful for! So many blessings!

    I hope your day was a great one!



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