Tuesday, October 30, 2012

power outtage

ahhhhh sandy...

honestly...i sorta thought we in ohio were making a bit of a 'sky is falling' event out of the storm...i mean...it takes more than a day to get to the nearest ocean.

i stocked up on water and formula in case we lost power...

last night i randomly woke up a 3...had me a p...and watched the storm a bit from my front window.

the house across the street in the process of changing hands and is sitting empty and lit up like a Christmas tree and all the trees around it were blowing around like crazy...then the lights went out.

i spent about 10 minutes trying to figure out if i should call someone...and if so...who would i call...the old owner who is in the process of moving out...or a relative of the new owner?  decisions decisions...

then i realized that...oh...everyone's power was out...i should get online and register the outage since there probably weren't many people awake...

that's when i realized that my own power was out.

silly me.

in matthew 7, Jesus talked about taking the stick out of your own eye before pointing out the dirt in someone else's.

i'm pretty bad about that.  i am always looking at people...not really to judge...just to be helpful.  i often see things from a unique perspective.  God speaks to me about someone's situation.  i have the heart of a counselor...
but...it often takes me a little while to realize when those same things are going on in my own life. 

today...as our power turns on and goes off...and as the storm is affecting all of us equally...i'm going to look inward.  i'll counsel myself for a change...i'm sure those around me will enjoy the vacation from me being 'up in their business'.  

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  1. hoping the power stays on more than not today!! I'm always having to pray about the plank of wood in my eye versus the splinter in others :)



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