Sunday, October 28, 2012

backseat driver

my 4 year old is wonderful.  i don't know how i ever survived without him. 
when we get in the car he gives me directions. 
   'mom, we're going to my class turn this way.'
   'mom, this isn't the way to get chicken nuggets, turn around up here.'
   'mom, you gotta turn left up here.''s a little creepy because he is almost always right...and this is coming from a kid who has his shoes on the wrong feet...
this sunday morning my husband and i decided to drive separately because we had a series of meetings thru the day and wanted to make sure to have an escape plan in place if the kids got cranky. 
i explained all this to my kids and they seemed fine with it...until i started to pull out of the drive way while daddy was still in the house.
i patiently (and then maybe not so patiently) reminded my son that daddy was driving his work car and was going to meet us at the church in like 10 minutes.  but he couldn't wrap his little brain around why daddy would be driving his work car to church.  so...we drove with the sirens a-wailing...
Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.
Proverbs 3:5
eventually...when we got to church (hearing impaired from the screaming on all accounts)
POOF!  daddy was there and everything was alright again.  my son had screamed his head off for nothing (as a matter of had i). 
how often do we worry and wine and complain and cry and wail about the things we are going thru.  things that seem so wrong to us.  things that set us off balance.  things that we just don't understand.
if we would just 'trust in the Lord' we would be better off. 
thankfully...Father God is perfect.  (newsflash...i am not perfect)  God doesn't lose it with us when we scream our heads off at Him...  whew!


  1. Cute story and great point for us to trust in God and indeed we would be so much better off!


  2. So I may sometimes be a backseat driver to God...

  3. This was so cute...then you got me at the often do I behave just like your four year old when things get tough or I don't understand....still learning to put my trust in HIM


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