Tuesday, October 23, 2012


i am angry. 

really really angry.

lastnight i got a phonecall informing me that my dad had just gotten out of emergency surgery.  he had called me last friday to see what my gallbladder pain was like.  i told him that he needed to go to the hospital before his appendix burst.  he told me i didn't know what i was talking about.

then...i get a phone call from my sister giving me the update on his surgery.  my mom hadn't called because he had forbidden it.  he didn't want anyone to know that he was in the hospital.  seriously.

theeennn...i get a phone call from my mother appologizing for not calling me sooner.  he was insisting that she bring him clothes at 11:00 at night.

i am angry.

i asked my husband to pray with me lastnight and he started by thanking God for allowing my dad to survivee with an infected and burst appendix for so long.  he thanked God for leading my dad to go to the emergency room.  and he thanked Him for the skill of the surgeons and nurses.  he prayed for a speedy recovery. 

so.  gratefulness trumps anger.  for that brief moment while my husband prayed...everything was okay. 

today i choose to be grateful instead of angry.  i am not stuffing my anger...i am just choosing to forgive...i am choosing to be grateful instead.

at least...that's the theory  :)  with your prayers hopefully it won't be as difficult as it seems.


  1. Been in this situation, know exactly where you are coming from. I too had to focus on things to be thankful for and prayer to help defuse the anger I felt....it was a process but God was faithful and my heart was eventually changed. Keep being grateful for the good in this situation and will keep you in prayer

  2. Wise to choose to be grateful over anger because you know anger can give way to bitterness and we don't want that in our lives if at all possible. I do hope your dad makes a speedy recovery and that his eyes are opened in the future to allowing his family to know of his health issues before the fact so you can rally around him and support him as much as possible.


  3. Great choice...I am sure God will help you to walk that choice out


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