Sunday, October 7, 2012

amazing hives

my body is amazing.

every time the seasons change i have allergy issues.  usually i end up getting either bronchitis or pneumonia.  i always end up on tons of antibiotics.

the past few years's been different.  i still get a bit of a cough but then after a day or so i get hives. 

when i was little i used to get hives when ever i was on an antibiotic not because i was allergic to the antibiotic...but because i am evidently allergic to the toxins that the virus/bacteria put off when they die.

so...the past few body has been kicking my immunity into overdrive to fight off whatever the gunk of the season is. 

my body is seriously amazing...but if i didn't look at it that way...these hives would drive me completely crazy.


  1. Glad to hear that your body is improving a bit so you aren't subjected to the hives or the icky diseases associated with your allergies!

    hope the day is a good one!


  2. May you have a speedy recovery dear one.


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