Tuesday, October 2, 2012

how to love

“Love the Lord your God with all your
passion and prayer and muscle and intelligence,
and love your neighbor as well as you do yourself.” - Luke 10:27

Jesus clearly wants us to love each other. 

He wants us to treat one another in a way that we would find suitable for ourselves.  golden rule...you get that...

He also wants us to teach our children how to love.  as parents we have 2 jobs really...keep our kids alive and teach them how to love.


we teach our kids how to talk, how to walk, how to play...

are we teaching them how to serve selflessly?  how to have grace with the people around us?  are we teaching our kids how to lovingly hold their friends accountable?  how to lead by example? how to pray for and with the people they come in contact with?  are we teaching our children how to forgive?
however...we teach more by our actions than by our words. it's easy to say 'be nice' to our kids on the playground...but what are we doing in the car as they witness from the back seat? are we 'being nice'? are we loving our neighbor?

we can't just tell our kids to do something.  words and pictures only go so far...they need a path to follow.

so if we are going to teach our kids to love...are we walking in love?


  1. As a mom of grown children i can tell you your children learn more from what you do than from what you say

  2. You brought up valid points about teaching our kids to love and to serve, etc. I think its one of those things we might assume they'll get on their own by watching us or others, but those are all definite characteristics we want them to have. Makes one want to take stock in how they are parenting and make sure those lessons indeed are being taught (and if the kids are grown, then perhaps evaluate for the next generation in grandchildren)

    good thoughts :)



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