Thursday, February 21, 2013

not afraid to fall little man is starting to walk.

and thru the always...God was speaking to me.

as the process of walking starts...          
                                                     ...we fall...
                                                                         ...a lot.

my one year old is lucky...we use cloth diapers...they offer quite a bit of extra padding.  but still sometimes...when he falls...he cries for his daddy to scoop him up.
as we walk in the path that Jesus has laid out for us...don't we fall an awful lot? 
i know i do.  maybe i'm the only one. 
it just seems like i am always crying out to Father God
to come scoop me up with His loving grace. 

now in all actuality my son has been walking for a month or so...he would motor all around the house as long as he could hold on to a piece of furniture or the wall.  he could walk along the perimeter of each room...but all the fun stuff (wrestling, car races, coloring, snuggles-n-kisses...) goes on in the middle of the room.

it's nice to have something to hold on organization,
or another person walking the same path we are...
but that isn't necessarily where the action is. 
in order to get where the action is...we have to step out...
sure...we might's an absolute.
but...Father God will scoop us up.  always.
so...we don't need to be afraid to fall.


  1. i wanted to be sure to clarify...
    i am not against organized religion. i love my church and think that it is really important to gather together with other believers inorder to encourage one another to serve God wholeheartedly.
    however, i do think that we often spend so much time clinging to the organization or to a specific person and their opinion and beliefs that we miss important opportunites to see God move in our own lives.
    for instance. if i am never willing to allow my children to play sports because the schedule may conflict with a weekly church service...we may miss the opportunity to share God with others from outside our church family.

  2. I agree with you; we must be willing to step out on our own and if we fall, we do know God and his grace is there waiting to scoop us back up. I always do like to watch a little one learning how to walk; they are so cute in their determination to continue to pursue this skill.


  3. I love this. I love the analogy and the pretty picture it painted in my head. I'm sure it will stir up more thoughts in the days to come. As always, thanks for sharing :-)


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