Monday, February 25, 2013

clean kitchen

my kitchen is clean.

you could eat off my floor.  ( kids do every day...)

my counters are cleared of all the crafty clutter that usually gathers...

i was really very proud of's quite a rare have a clean kitchen in a home with 4 preschoolers...

then i opened a cupboard and this is what i found...

...i can not believe i'm posting this...

so...maybe it's not quite as clean as i fact...that cupboard could be hazardous to an inquisitive toddler...

isn't that how it is with our spiritual lives?
we work hard to polish the counter tops of our heart.
make sure that we deal with the clutter that stressful seasons bring on.
we even clean the oven and stove occasionally.
and then we open a cupboard way back in the recesses of our heart...sigh.
i remember a time when i was specifically
proud of how far Father God had taken me.
i wore His grace and mercy like a pageant sash...for everyone to see. night...God took me to 'that cupboard'...
i flung the door open and all the junk
that i had buried tumbled down around me.
it was painful.
thankfully...i wasn't alone.  we are never alone.
He doesn't leave us to deal with it by ourselves...
He knows that we can not deal with our junk alone any
more than my toddler can put those pots and pans away. i encourage you to find that
cupboard of your heart that has been haphazardly
packed full of junk that you'd rather not deal with. 
open the door (carefully...very carefully). 
and ask Father God to help you put it's contents where they belong.
some things will belong in the be forgotten forever.
some things belong neatly back in the cupboard for easy access...
remembering where you came from
sometimes helps you remember when you're going.
and some things you may need to give away
...share Father's grace and mercy with those that need it.
i'm going to go clean out my cupboard...
before i hear that heart stopping,

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  1. Cleaning is exhausting...rewarding but exhausting...


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