Thursday, February 28, 2013


sometimes i think my kids are trying to kill me.

well...not really...but maybe...

every parent knows the pain of discovering a lego with your foot.  legos...ugg...i resisted them for so long.  the pain of stepping on a lego rivals the pain of childbirth...but you can't scream because you'll wake the baby that you walked for 6 hours to get to sleep.

well...recently (with the help of my beautiful children) i discovered a toy even more treacherous than the lego...

my kiddos were playing hide and seek with their wooden blocks...and someone discovered the best hiding spot ever.  under the living room rug.

seriously...i stepped on it (the modelling of the rug completely disguised the big lump) ankle turned...and i went down howling. an hour on the couch with some ice can't handle. always...Father God was speaking to me. 

there are some really obvious legos in our lives...things that are clearly out to trip us up as we travel in the path He has for us.  i don't even need to point them out...there are big road signs along the way.  when those things come along...illuminated by the light of Christ...they are easy to avoid.  in fact...there have been times that i have laughed at the enemy because his attempts were so clear.

then there are some things that are less obvious.  these things are like blocks that hide under the rug of self-righteousness...but they are just as hazardous.

we call our friend to 'pray' and it turns into 20 minutes of...gossip.
we spend an hour on our knees...worrying.
we tell bits of testimony to encourage others...but they are full of...lies.
oh how grateful i am for God's pure grace.  only He could look beyond our selfishness...our fickleness and still call us daughters and sons.
i encourage you today...beware of the blocks under the rug. 
walk slowly along the path He has for you...walk deliberately.
avoid ALL hazards...even the ones that aren't so obvious...


  1. hmmm...need to put on my thinking cap and trust the Holy Spirit to speak to my heart always...

  2. excellent advice; I know there are lots of hazards in my life; need to remember to stay on that narrow path of the Lord's.



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